When adventurers have the opportunity to set right an ancient curse, and help a tortured nymph find true love, nothing can stand in their way. Or can it? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure for character levels 7-10.

DM: Brett (khyron)


  • Mikal Rains – Human Cleric, Level 9 (Mike – DnDTeacher)
  • Aelar – Elven Ranger, Level 9 (Scott – ssevener)
  • Kuddles – Dragonborn Slayer, Level 7 (Jon)
  • Dimitri – Vryloka Cavalier, Level 8 (David)
  • Sora Serr – Halfling Sorceror, Level 8 (Betty)
  • Armenius Seiger – Human Warlord, Level 10 (Preston)

Finding themselves on a most peculiar quest to free a young nymph who had been cursed to live her life as the wooden figurehead aboard a pirate ship, six adventurers stood on the docks in Westgate attempting to convince an uneasy crew why their brief, three-hour tour of the Feywild was a perfectly safe and reasonable request.  After much cajoling, the sailors reluctantly agreed and soon the good ship Wild Maiden was cruising out into the sea towards its uncertain future…

Though shocked to pass through what seemed to be the deadliest of storms unscathed, the ship and its crew eventually found clear skies once again as the town of Banaris Bay, Westgate’s parallel in the Feywild and the party’s only lead for finding, Shugraa, the mysterious firbolg slaver who originally owned the Wild Maiden and would hopefully have clues as to how the curse could be reversed.  Splitting the party in a most risky manner, the team scoured the city and quickly learned not only that their mark could be found holed up in his lair to the north of town, but also that the main entrance accessible by road would be their easiest point of entry.

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And so armed with a gift of his favorite ale that Mikal was clever enough to procure, our heroes marched right up to Shugraa’s stronghold in Crab Cove and unceremoniously let themselves right in the front door.  Quick to avoid confrontation with the slaver’s guards, the group put their best feet forward and greeted their adversaries with much camaraderie, and with a little luck even Shugraa himself eventually came out to partake in some drink.  After a healthy amount of Brain Cell Be Gone™, the slaver admitted his own love for the cursed nymph and told of the miserable, old pact hag who had originally cursed her long ago.  Citing that only her death could set her free, Shugraa the party a map and pointed them in the direction where they would be sure to find his vile foe.

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Of course, the Feywild being the treacherous landscape that it is, it was no surprise when they came across a band of roving guards set to defend the hag’s camp.  Though they were able to surround the party both near and far, strategy remained on the adventurers’ side and one by one they were able to pick off their assailants until the remaining few scattered off into the vast wilderness.  Knowing that they were close, the party pressed on until they saw a horde of wood nymphs circling the pact hag protectively in the distance…

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Struggling her damnedest to thwart off our heroes by cursing and dominating and even enveloping them within the very trees around her, the evil pact hag Lerianne and her horde fought viciously but in the end succumbed to justice from beyond the Feywild just the same.  As she fell, not only were the nymphs serving around her immediately released from her spell, too was the cursed nymph atop the Wild Maiden, much to her surprise.  And although the maiden Cymerae ultimately chose to return to her home in the forest, leaving behind the men who loved her but also gaining the life of a free woman that she had never known before, she also retained an eternal gratitude towards the party for saving her – one that would shine down upon them for many new adventures to come!

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