What if I’m on the fence? Is it ok if I just come and watch?
As long as there are no distractions to the other players, visitors are more than welcome to observe to see if our setting is right for them.

Where do you guys hang out in between games?
Most of our D&D-related banter takes place over in the Anthem Games RPG Forums – come join in on the fun!

Do you guys play anything other than 4e?
This group is specifically dedicated to 4th edition D&D (4e) and LFR, however many of our members have interests in other gaming systems as well and some even run their own private campaigns. Try putting up a post over in the forums and ask if anyone else is interested in what you’re looking to play!

I actually prefer to DM – how can I run a game with your group?
New DMs are always in hot demand, so we’re thrilled whenever someone wants to offer their services to the cause! For starters, you’ll need to complete the RPGA Dungeons & Dragons / 4th Edition Herald Level Exam located at the Wizards of the Coast Judge Center with a score of 85% or better.  The exam is a 20-question, 60-minute test that can be taken open book by anyone with a valid DCI number, and is free of charge to take.

Once you’ve done this, please use the Contact Us page to send a note to Russell, our organizer, for more info.  Thanks in advance for your interest!