Please take note that the store where our weekly LFR games are ever so graciously hosted has relocated!

It’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away – literally on the other side of Lynn Rd. in the Publix shopping center (also by McDonald’s and KFC). The address and map on our New Player Info page have been updated with these details, so … come roll with us at the new location because there probably won’t be much of anything gaming-related going on at the old, vacant storefront anymore… 🙂

A very special thanks to everyone who helped make last night’s toy drive such an amazing success!!!

I’ve got to admit that I’m actually still a little bit in awe of the results – in one night, by my estimate we were able to collect over $350 worth of toys and money for Toys for Tots of Tampa Bay, and I think that I speak for just about everyone involved that we all had a pretty fun time doing it, too.  We ran two overflowing tables of games, gave away dozens of raffle prizes, and amidst it all a group brought together by their love of gaming was able to give back to help make the holidays merry and bright for the next generation of adventurers…

Not too shabby, indeed, and I don’t know about you but my mind is already spinning on what we can do to make next year’s event even better… 😉

For those who weren’t able to make it, here are a few pictures of everything that we raffled off as well as the final mountain of toys that we left behind for the Marines to come pick up and distribute later on in the month!

Thanks so much again for everything, you guys – it truly was a great evening and one that I’m very proud to have been a part of.

Only three days away!!!

Remember – you don’t necessarily even need to be playing to stop by and participate – grab some pizza, throw your name in for some great prizes that we’ll be raffling off, and of course, help us collect as many toys as we possibly can for children all around the Tampa Bay Area.

Hope to see you there!

Those who enjoy the LFR Adventure Logs that I post from time to time may be pleased to find a new enhancement to the site that I just completed this evening that should make all of the photos that accompany each post a bit easier to browse and enjoy…

Previously I had been hosting all of the images over on Flickr because it was a quick and easy solution at the time when I first began writing these last spring, however it didn’t take long to exceed the 200-photo limit on my free account and eventually it made sense to just migrate everything over to be hosted here on the same server as the main website.  For those curious from the tech side, the new solution uses a customized version of the NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress that not only does a cleaner job of organizing the photos while still keeping them accessible however I want to use them, but also offers some neat, new features like automatic image resizing (which I previously had to do separately prior to uploading) and lightboxing that allows people to see high-res versions of the photos without having to leave the site!

The new galleries can be found here – LFR Adventure Log Galleries – and currently contain over 300 photos from 24 LFR games over the last year and a half … and with any luck, I hope to be posting more new adventures again soon as I start to get back into LFR myself after an extended hiatus.

Hope everyone enjoys the new feature, and as always, please feel free to drop us a line with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Happy browsing!
– Scott

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There will be a meeting discussing up coming events and other information at Anthem Games. The date is March 13, 2011, and we will start at 12:30. If you are interested in DMing a game or want to discuss, please feel free to stop by.

This is for new players who want more information, current players, and anyone interested in the ongoings fo the Dungeon and Dragons games we have meeting and playing every Wednesday night at Anthem Games.

Heads up – our latest schedule for upcoming games in the months of February & March have now been posted to Warhorn – space is tight, so sign up while you can!

Also, please take note that our group is growing all of the time and thus as such, we’re always looking for new DMs to make sure that everyone gets a chance to play each week, so if you’re interested or would like to talk to someone about what it’s like, feel free to drop us a line via the Contact Us page here, over in the Anthem Forums, or even just flag one of the other DMs down on Wednesday night.  More DMs means more chances for everyone to play, so don’t be afraid to give rolling a different set of dice a try…

The new schedule for upcoming games in December & January has now been posted to Warhorn – what better way to spend the holidays than adventuring with friends?!  We’ve been happy to welcome several new players recently, so now could be the perfect time to get out and meet some new friends who share an affinity for gold pieces and experience points…

We are planning a meeting for the LFR Games that we run on Wednesday at Anthem Games. The meeting will take place at Anthem Games on Sunday, November 7 at 12:00. If you are interested in DMing an adventure please come on by. If you want more information, please come on by.

We will be setting up the schedule for adventures to run during the months of December and January.

Remember that since the Wednesday LFR games are public run, DMs do get reward points and rewards from WotC for running games.

I recently posted a couple of older Adventure Logs that I’ve been sitting on from earlier this summer – I wanted to throw up a quick note here, as they won’t appear on the front page because they were posted out of sequence to fit in with the other dates in the archive, but I think the photos turned out incredibly well in each of these, so be sure to check them out if you’re one who enjoys this unique glimpse of life at our gaming tables…  🙂

P.S. These two particular modules make up a particularly popular quest that our group runs quite a bit … see if you can guess which one it is!

The new schedule for upcoming games in October & November has now been posted to Warhorn – sign-up today and come roll with us…