All About Adventuring Companies…

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Adventuring Companies are a fun way for players to add an extra bit of flavor to their characters by identifying common alliances and goals between other characters.  You might think of them as guilds or clans, or even just a longtime group of friends who more often times than not go on adventures together.

Anyone can create an Adventuring Company at any time and establish any requirements that they like, such as all characters must be dwarves or all must worship a particular deity, for example.  Requirements can be based on a character’s race, class, combat role – as specific or generic as you would like.  The only rule is that requirements must be based on the characters themselves – players can not be specifically excluded based on their gender, ethnicity, etc…

If a character meets the membership requirements and has not been in an Adventuring Company before, the character can join at any time.  Once a character joins, however, he or she must wait until they level if they later on decide to leave.  At that point if they desire to join a different Adventuring Company, they must wait until they level again before joining (i.e. they will spend one level without being a member of any company).  Following this methodology, a character can join and then subsequently leave as many Adventuring Companies as they desire, however the character can only be a member of one Adventuring Company at a time.

Additionally, a player may have separate characters in as many different Adventuring Companies as he would like, however no two characters can be members of the same Adventuring Company at the same time.

In addition to the character background to be developed from membership in an Adventuring Company, the direct in-game benefit of being in an Adventuring Company is that if at least three members of a given company are present at the same table during an adventure, the team receives a group action point that can be used just like any other action point throughout the course of the game.  Any member can elect to spend this action point, however all of the members present must agree on its use.

Join an Adventuring Company Today!
More information about a selection of our existing Adventuring Companies can be found by clicking their logos in the menu on the right – to join one of these groups, simply follow the link at the bottom of their page to contact their organizer.

Alternatively, if you would like to create your own Adventuring Company, download this template to collect the membership info for your new members (you’ll need to bring it with you on game day).  If you would like to have your Adventuring Company featured on our website, please use the Contact Us page to contact the Site Admin for details about what you’ll need to provide.

Want to Learn More?
For more information about Adventuring Companies and their place within the Living Forgotten Realms, see pages 12 – 13 of the Living Forgotten Realms Character Creation Guide.