There is something rotten in the city of Suzail. While a midwinter festival brings throngs of competitors, merchants, and spectators, it also brings an element of danger. When the host turns to heroes for help, they must uncover what lurks under the city’s snow and ice. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Cormyr for characters levels 1-4.

DM: Brett (khyron)

  • Egg – Drow Sorcerer, Level 2 (Russell – Russell the Muscle)
  • Cal – Human Rogue, Level 1 (Chris – Nuke)
  • Patrin – Dragonborn Fighter, Level 1 (Scott – ssevener)
  • Sadron – Elven Cleric, Level 2 (Chris – Kristoph)
  • Vega – Drow Assassin, Level 3 (Mark – DeadmanwalkinMarko)

Traveling through the region of Cormyr, our band of noble adventurers found themselves wandering into the city of Suzail to find their famed midwinter festival in full swing, however the group had little time to enjoy the festivities before being sought out by the city’s lord and host, one Sir Severin, to investigate a mystery that had been plaguing his celebration.  It seems that a number of trophies to be awarded for the festival’s various competitions had begun disappearing from plain sight and amongst some other recent political implications, it was a matter that he preferred to see resolved quickly and quietly.

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The group managed to uncover a number of clues around the festival grounds by putting their collective skills to use and winning a variety of the competitions themselves, triumphing in an impressive array covering everything from riddles to drinking to even challenges of brute force and dexterity, each time being rewarded with a bronze token in place of the missing trophies.  Nonetheless, the information gathered much more vital than the prizes themselves, the adventurers were eventually able to trace the disappearances to a mischievous band of gnomes and kobolds who had been simply trying to impress a couple of friends…

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…a couple of rather scaly, fire-breathing friends…

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Fortunately, however, these particular dragons were much more of the bargaining type than, well, the hungry type, and thus the group was able to negotiate a trade for the “borrowed” trophies in exchange for a particular type of wine to which they had both grown accustomed.  Although it just so happened that said wine could only be acquired through victory in the festival’s jousting tournament, Cal was able to stay on his horse above all others and won the prize that would not only return the trophies, but also persuade two dragons to keep a better watch on their mischievous, albeit good-intentioned followers and bring a sense of ease to Sir Severin and the good city of Suzail.

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Living Forgotten Realms is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons shared-world campaign played Wednesday nights at Anthem Games, among hundreds of other locations around the world.

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