You are summoned to help a cleric of Gond Wonderbringer, who seeks the location of a lost temple to the Lord of All Smiths. Think of all the marvelous inventions, lost since the Spellplague came crashing down on the nation of Lantan, that might lie waiting to be rediscovered and brought back to the lands of Faerûn! A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Nelanther Isles for characters level 1-4.

DM: Brett (khyron)


  • Keldaer’lyn – Revenant Drow Assassin, Level 1 (Craig – EvilRubberDucky)
  • Sadron – Elven Cleric, Level 3 (Chris – Kristoph)
  • Francis – Human Wizard, Level 1 (Dave)
  • Callidus – Human Rogue, Level 2 (Chris – Nuke)
  • Patrin – Dragonborn Fighter, Level 3 (Scott – ssevener)

They say that the work of an adventurer never ends, and this week the party experienced a very literal interpretation of that old saying when only moments after barely surviving their last brutal encounter, the group found themselves mysteriously and quite unexpectedly teleported from the safe comforts of their favorite neighborhood tavern directly into the middle of a rapidly escalating fray between a very large number of pirates and a very singular number of gnome…

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Fortunately, even in their surprised state, the group was able to stave off the scurvy aggressors as well as their burly, green counterpart to rescue the fledgling gnome, who then introduced himself to be Glimnock Klemwocket, a loyal priest of Gond.  It seemed as though the party had been summoned through a ritual gone awry that had been performed by the gnome to bring some Gondsmen to his defense, however he reasoned that as long as they were there, it only made sense that they should help him seek out the lost temple of Gond that had sunken beneath the sea during the Spellplague.  Of course, it came as no further surprise that he had yet to secure transportation to said temple as well, and thus the group found itself wandering the docks of the strange pirate port of Skaug in search of a ship for hire that could be trusted to bring them there and back with their pocketbooks still somewhat intact.

They soon stumbled across the single groggy captain in port who was desperate enough to accept “honest work,” however were faced with the caveat of fixing his ship, the Singing Star, back to a seaworthy state as payment for his services.  Luckily, through a combination of friendly chatter and sticky fingers, the party was able to “acquire” the necessary materials at a “bargain rate” to repair the captain’s ship with a very “minimal investment” of their own hard-earned coin, even taking the opportunity to spruce up the interior to permit them cruising the open seas in a manner more similar to the high life that such seasoned adventurers were quite often accustomed. With a brand new dungeon-themed game room on the lower deck and shuffleboard above, it was almost a pity when they arrived at the site of the lost temple roughly a day later and actually had to get back to work…

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Once inside the water-logged structure, our brave heroes quickly found that despite Glimnock’s flawless record thus far in the adventure, he was very much unable to turn back the newly-awoken guardians of the temple who took notice of the party’s presence almost immediately upon entry.  The battle was long and fierce, with the automated contraptions both large and small advancing forth like clockwork, but eventually a bit of luck shone in on the group and the adventurers were able to regain the upper hand, thus downing the guardians and clearing the path to continue exploring the mysterious temple.  And although dangers continued to lurk around every corner and shockingly even in the floors themselves, the party pressed forward until they were face to face with the granddaddy of all puzzles in the heart of the lost temple.

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It seemed to be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma – an altar covered with levers and knobs and exposed wires galore, and even more curious yet, with each adventurer experiencing a similar, but unique vision upon walking into the room.  Were their visions the key to unlocking the treasures that had been hidden within this legendary temple???  As it turned out after much deliberation and admittedly a small amount of random guessing, the adventurers discovered that their visions did, in fact, become a sequence that would open the altar when reenacted in the correct order and with that, it spilled open to reveal a multitude of trinkets and tomes and treasures from days long past.

So with a bit of luck, a few scuffles, and an unprecedented brush with interior decorating, the group managed to come away from the encounter healthy and headstrong, with some new experiences under their belts and a little extra gold lining their pockets to boot.  Glimnock obtained the lost treasures that he had been seeking, not to mention a stern lecture about consensual teleporting along the way, and even the old sea captain came out of the adventure with a fly, new ship that would be all the envy of his peg-legged buddies back in port.

Just another day in the life, indeed.

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Living Forgotten Realms is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons shared-world campaign played Wednesday nights at Anthem Games, among hundreds of other locations around the world.

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