The eyes of the young behold the world in ways different than those of adults, but a child claiming to be chased by creatures of the night can alarm even the most steadfast soul. But between the Church of Shar and the Night Knives, the people of Saerloon have reason to fear the night. And uncommon is the soul in Saerloon that has not been touched by darkness. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Sembia for characters levels 4-7.

DM: Perry (pgfrix)


  • Mikal Rains – Human Cleric, Level 4 (Mike – DnDTeacher)
  • Lorix Paumer – Human Rogue, Level 5 (Brett – khyron)
  • Aelar – Elven Ranger, Level 5 (Scott – ssevener)
  • Rune – Warforged Artificer, Level 6 (Mark – DeadmanwalkinMarko)
  • Grimjaw Skullcrusher – Dwarven Fighter, Level 5 (Craig – EvilRubberDucky)
  • Erik – Human Barbarian, Level 6 (Chris – Kristoph)

Kids always seem to interrupt at the darnedest of times, but when a hysterical young girl ran into the tavern screaming of monsters chasing her while our noble heroes were enjoying a well-earned beverage, it was all they could do to turn an ear and hear what she had to say. Of course, as it goes one minute they were arguing with the girl’s alleged servants and the next thing they knew, winged shadows were crashing through the ceiling and really doing a disservice to the concept of Happy Hour in the process…

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The party fought long and hard, going through more sunrods than anyone realized that they had even been carrying, and managed to drop all but one of the foul beasts, however as it turned out one was just enough to make a quick getaway into the dark night with the poor girl screaming more than ever.  Now determined to get to the bottom of this fishy situation, the group found themselves poking around the docks of Saerloon for more information and eventually finding it in the form of a shady warehouse where the true mystery would soon begin to unravel.

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In poking around the sketchy warehouse, the group eventually came upon even more dark figures who were in fact awaiting their arrival with hopes of eliminating any last witnesses to their child abduction racket. Led by a vile Nightcloak named Felomin, the winged beasts and their hobgoblin counterparts on the ground savagely attempted to lay waste to our heroic adventurers, but with a few stealthy (read: lucky) moves and well-placed arrows, daggers, and various other implements of destruction, instead they were the ones who fell defeated and the party was able to rescue not only the young girl, but also several other unfortunate children who had been kidnapped by this twisted circle of evil-doers…

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As it turned out, the plot continued to thicken as it became known that not only had the children been kidnapped, but in fact their abductors had actually staged their deaths in a maniacal cultist plot to engulf both the children and their parents into the faith of Shar. That said, albeit frustrating, it was also somewhat understandable that the young girl’s parents were notably distraught when six strangers showed up on their doorstep incredibly late into the evening with their very daughter whose loss they had been quite oughly mourning.  In the end, though, diplomacy (and probably also some more luck) prevailed and the party received a grateful thanks from even the Governess herself, although her own curious demeanor left them to wonder if this despicable ring was only the tip of the iceberg here in the crooked land of Sembia.

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Living Forgotten Realms is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons shared-world campaign played Wednesday nights at Anthem Games, among hundreds of other locations around the world.

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