Only a sliver of light separates those who profit and those who perish on the island of Moray. When that light is extinguished, it is difficult for even the greatest heroes to find their way. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in The Moonshae Isles for characters levels 4-7.

DM: Joe (joef60532)


  • Grimjaw Skullcrusher – Dwarven Fighter, Level 7 (Craig – EvilRubberDucky)
  • Aelar – Elven Ranger, Level 7 (Scott – ssevener)
  • Sadron – Elven Cleric, Level 5 (Chris – Kristoph)
  • Garret – Human Paladin, Level 5 (Brian – Stylo)

It was the speck of good luck that our heroes needed when they bumped into Ulrik Ragnarsson while they were enjoying a few pints of ale at the Once Dry Toad Inn of Warlsbry. Having been owed a great debt of thanks by his father, the King of Norland, Ulrik was happy to offer our adventurers some work in the form of security detail on his ship, The Lightning, as it traded much needed supplies with Langmuir on the Island of Moray. The job seemed a bit secretive, but in this line of work, sometimes it’s best not to ask questions…

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Then again, a few questions might not have been a bad idea, such as, “Does everyone here know how to swim?” and “Hey, what’s in all of these boxes?!” Instead our heroes found the answers to these and more the hard way when The Lightning wrecked off the coast of Moray and they all scrambled first to save themselves (and eventually each other), and then the precious cargo itself, which turned out to be valuable alchemical supplies that Ulrik feared might fall into the wrong hands if left behind.

It wasn’t until they reached the small town of Langmuir that the party learned that the wrong hands were actually those of a particularly nasty band of werefolk called the Black Bloods. Well, some of the party learned this, anyways, and inevitably before long they found themselves volunteered, by their fearless captain, of course, to face off against the Black Bloods in a last ditch effort to try and save the town from their evil wrath. Ulrik was their ride home, so ultimately they had no choice but to accept the lycanthropic challenge…

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As it turns out, werewolves are really freaking strong, and thus Bloodeye, their leader, put up one hell of a fight at the foot of the region’s lighthouse as the foursome unloaded nearly everything they had in an attempt to drop the feral beast. Even with a few truly amazing blows, the brute nearly insisted on taking the party down with him, even managing to spread a bit of his patented Moon Frenzy around before finally throwing in the werewolf equivalent of the proverbial towel!

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By the time the party was able to make it back to town after cleaning up their considerable wounds, they found that the remaining Black Bloods had already begun their assault on Langmuir. Fortunately for a change, though, their numbers were much worse than their actual bite and now well-rested, the team was able to clear the streets and beat down the terrorizing were-creatures with relative ease. Though the town itself sustained great losses, the council and townsfolk were nonetheless appreciative of the group’s brave efforts, and encouraged their return again soon, anticipating that the lycanthropes might very well regroup and seek retribution.

The four heartily replied that they’d think about it, but next time they’d find their own ride over to the island…

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