Westgate, the City of Coin is a haven for all races and creeds. But now the Docks and Moonside districts hide something more sinister, an affliction that threatens to spread to all corners of the city if it is not dealt with in its infancy. With madness and agony the result, it is up to the PCs to discover and eradicate the cause. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Dragon Coast for character levels 1-4.

DM: Brett (khyron)


  • Albus Mors – Human Swordmage/Warlock, Level 1 (Chris – Nuke)
  • Shadow – Human Assassin, Level 2 (Scott – ssevener)
  • Aldo “Super” Nova – Deva Wizard, Level 1 (Mike – DnDTeacher)
  • Mose-Ir (“Moose”) – Kalashtar Ardent, Level 3 (Chris – Kristoph)
  • Keldaer’lyn – Revenant Drow Assassin, Level 2 (Craig – EvilRubberDucky)

After an encounter with a familiar face (more to some than others) in a small bar in Westgate, the party came to learn that their current host was unfortunately surrounded by a horrible plight.  As the Sisters of Selune were quick to explain, an evil drug called “Confidence” had been spreading through the city and they were in desperate need of some adventurers to help get to the bottom of it.

Always happy to be of assistance to such fair ladies of the female persuasion, the party took to the streets and soon collected several intriguing tidbits of information about the drug’s origin.  They made “acquaintances” with a local thug who had been peddling to make a quick buck, convinced him to point them in the direction of his own source for the goods – a small lab on the other side of town, and heck, Moose even dropped some coin to get the lowdown on starting a franchise of his very own! It seemed like things were going well … almost too well when suddenly upon their exit they found themselves being confronted, rather violently, actually, by a very small woman wielding a very long whip…

[singlepic id=135 w=500 h=375 float=none]

Fortunately, this wasn’t exactly our adventurers first rodeo and they were able to dispatch the assassin and her rooftop bandits with relative ease, however the message was still clear – somebody wasn’t pleased with their intrusion and the threats that they now posed to their operation. Another bout of luck presented itself shortly thereafter when a member of the local Fire Knives approached the group just out of combat and offered up insight towards taking down the drug cartel, as it posed a grave concern for them as well.

Now armed with directions to the encampment where the leaders behind this drug consortium could be found, the party made haste to head for the source to end the drug trafficking in Westgate once and for all.

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The impressive, iron gates shielding the entrance to the compound may have intimidated some random passersby, however it only took a bit of ingenuity and a bit of stealthiness to elude the guards and sneak into the facility on a nearby cart. From there, a little more sneakery and also some fire, by means of a newly broken lantern, provided the bizarre combination of both cover and general confusion required for the group to make their way into the inner sanctum of the lair. The few random guards proved to be little challenge for the seasoned warriors, however their boss seemed to be somewhat more prepared for his final confrontation…

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Wicked-looking cape and all, the evil mastermind behind the drug showed little sign of giving up without a fight, ordering his last loyal guards into harm’s way in his defense and then finally proceeding to nearly burn his own laboratory down in a fury of multi-colored flames as the battle progressed, however in the end the powers of good were victorious and not only was the party able to put an end to the drug’s distribution in the city of Westgate, they also obtained new information that would send them north into the Dalelands to further squelch out a massive shipment of the drug that had already been exported prior to their arrival.

As they say, this was the beginning of something big…

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