The life of a typical kobold is nasty, brutish, and short. They breed like rabbits and have a tendency to fight anything and everything they come into contact with – including each other. So why are the various kobold tribes near the town of Ruinspoke suddenly so well organized? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Tymanther for characters levels 1-4.

DM: Erinn (Dayity)


  • Miri – ????? Assassin, Level 4 (Perry – pgfrix)
  • Shadow – Human Assassin, Level 3 (Scott – ssevener)
  • Keegan – Dragonborn Sorcerer, Level 1 (Brian – Stylo)
  • Mitternacht – Human Invoker, Level 1 (Chris)
  • Mose-Ir (“Moose”) – Kalashtar Ardent, Level 4 (Chris – Kristoph)
  • Valketh – Human Paladin, Level 2 (James)

Summoned to Ruinspoke by Lord Tuanek of House Jalt to investigate an aggressively growing issue with kobolds in his village, our fearless adventurers didn’t even make it in the door before they found themselves face to ugly face with two bands of rivaling ruffians who, despite their quarreling, were more than happy to turn their aggressions towards the party once it became known that the group wasn’t about to pass on by without a fight…

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After making light work of the brutes, interestingly noting them as separate kobold tribes who had banded together – an odd union for their kind, indeed – the group proceeded into Ruinspoke where they were met by Tuanek and tasked with exposing the mysterious leader who had managed to unite these normally hostile tribes. From asking around, the townsfolk shared concerns about a dragon that they feared to be the mastermind behind the kobold attacks, however as they continued to add up the random clues as they found them, something just didn’t seem right and eventually the party found themselves proceeding westward in the direction that they best guessed the kobold hordes might be based.

Upon reaching a complex system of caves where the kobolds and their “leader” were believed to be located, it took merely a simple Hand of Fate to point the adventurers squarely at the kobolds’ front door. Here they were greeted by a lone, shy kobold who appeared very skeptical to befriend the party, even after being offered some of Moose’s delicious cookies, which he’s not often to share in the first place. As it turned out, the little kobold trickster was a bit smarter than the group gave it credit for, and not long into the exchange it was made shish kabob-ingly clear that he was attempting to set them up for a trap…

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Despite a few minor bruises and some crumbled cookies, though, our heroes managed to punch through the kobolds’ somewhat deceptive outer defenses and soon found themselves face to face with the true menace behind the kobold raids … which as it turned out looked much more like flock of birdmen and a shape-changer than an actual “dragon” in the literal sense of the word. At this point, though, the party was out for blood, Moose was out for vengence in the name of his wasted cookies, and the group in general was at the top of their game as they sliced through their foes like Kentucky Fried Chicken on a hot, summer afternoon.

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Upon their imminent victory, the group returned to Lord Tuanek who was more than pleased with their success, although their discovered evidence from the “dragon’s lair” of an even higher force controlling the puppet strings did leave him with reason for concern as the adventurers took their rewards and continued on their way. Would they return to aid him again should these evils continue to press even harder on his fair village???  Only time alone would tell…

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